Common Core Physical Science Standards
Common Core Sciences provides online formative assessments and targeted interventions based on CA's Biology Standards & the Common Core.
How do you know what every student has learned each day? How do you respond when a student did or did not learn?

Our Software

Our software assesses and then differentiates targets interventions based on each student's level. Common Core Sciences provides online formative assessments for high school biology. Here is how it works.
  1. Sign up for the free account, add your students and assign them an assessment.
  2. Students take the assessment and then learn about their score. Each student can see how they did on each question, get feedback on how to learn from each question, and graphically see their proficiency on the subject.
  3. Non-mastery students now need to do the online intervention before taking the assessment again until they prove mastery.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help every student learn at a high level. Common Core Sciences is owned by Lesson Plans Inc. and is dedicated to increasing student achievement in life and physical sciences. Our online formative assessments provides teachers and students with exact analysis of a student's proficiency per standard. The online interventions are then used to directly reteach a standard based on student proficiency. Students can then retake an assessment to prove mastery of a standard. We have built our online software around the principles found in Professional Learning Communities, Response to Intervention, Differentiated Instruction, Neuroscience, and Technology Integration.